Radon Testing in Benbrook, TX

Recently, an old friend of our family called me asking about radon testing. He is a Superintendent for a Multi-family construction company in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. He did not understand why the lender was asking for radon testing in the Dallas area, especially since he had seen the map showing that there is no issue with radon in Dallas, Fort Worth, or even Texas as a whole. I told him that I had mitigated over 600 units all over Texas and in my 2000 plus radon tests, I had seen elevated levels of radon in about 30% of them. Of course his follow-up was, “Why does it even matter?” I told him about the fact that over 21,000 people die every year from radon-induced lung cancer and that it’s a far more serious issue than publicly advertised. Along with that, it’s a great thing that his lender wants him to test because having tests that show radon levels are low give them extra protection. Had they not tested and someone shows up with radon-induced lung cancer means a lot of liability and a lot of litigation.

We did the testing per HUD guidelines and luckily, his facility showed up with radon levels far below the actionable level. Not only did it appease HUD financing, but it gave him and his company the peace of mind they need moving forward.

So please, if you have a question, or a hesitancy when it comes to your building and Radon, please call me and we can walk through it.


Brad Warren



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